Executive Coaching from Maisha Rush is a transformative and highly personalized program designed to unlock the full potential of leaders and executives. As an accomplished executive coach, Maisha Rush brings years of experience and a proven track record of empowering individuals to reach new heights in their professional lives. Here's what you can expect from Executive Coaching with Maisha Rush:

1. Tailored Approach: Maisha understands that each executive is unique, with specific strengths, challenges, and aspirations. The coaching program is personalized to meet your individual needs, ensuring that the guidance and strategies provided are directly aligned with your professional goals.

2. Clarity of Vision: Through in-depth discussions and exercises, Maisha will help you gain clarity about your vision and objectives as a leader. Together, you'll define your long-term goals and outline actionable steps to achieve them.

3. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Maisha will work closely with you to identify areas where you can enhance your leadership skills. Whether it's communication, decision-making, delegation, or emotional intelligence, the coaching process will empower you to become a more effective and influential leader.

4. Strategic Thinking: Executive Coaching with Maisha Rush will sharpen your strategic thinking abilities. You'll learn how to analyze complex situations, make sound judgments, and develop forward-thinking strategies that drive your organization towards success.

5. Confidence and Resilience: Maisha will help you build the confidence and resilience necessary to thrive in challenging business environments. With her support, you'll be better equipped to navigate uncertainty, setbacks, and high-pressure situations.

6. Time Management and Productivity: As a busy executive, time management is crucial. Maisha will assist you in optimizing your time and prioritizing tasks, ensuring that you focus on high-impact activities that align with your goals.

7. Effective Team Management: Being an effective leader also involves managing and empowering your team. Maisha will guide you in developing strong leadership qualities that foster a positive and productive work environment.

8. Feedback and Accountability: Maisha Rush is committed to your growth and success. Throughout the coaching journey, she'll provide constructive feedback, hold you accountable for your actions, and celebrate your progress.

9. Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills: Executive Coaching addresses conflict resolution and communication challenges head-on. You'll learn valuable techniques for handling difficult conversations and fostering open, transparent communication within your organization.

10. Long-Term Impact: Maisha's coaching approach is not just about short-term fixes. It's about creating sustainable, long-term impact in your career and personal life. You'll develop skills and habits that will continue to serve you well beyond the coaching engagement.

Executive Coaching with Maisha Rush is a transformative experience that empowers executives to unleash their full potential, lead with confidence, and achieve remarkable success. Through personalized guidance, strategic insights, and continuous support, Maisha will help you become the best version of yourself as a leader and create a lasting positive impact on your organization.
Executive coaching
“My coach helped me learn that leadership is all about adaptability. My company’s morale had declined, which naturally had an impact on our growth. After this program, I feel more compassion toward my employees, I’m more comfortable with changing processes and priorities to support our bigger goals, and my team is much more engaged and motivated to perform.”
Madison Marvin, CEO
 Transform the way you lead to transform your organization 
Become an effective CEO, executive or team leader with our personalized leadership coaching.

You’ll get a personal coach to offer guidance on communicating your vision, empowering top performance from your team, driving change within your organization, and unleashing your leadership strengths.

Our coaches have experience in a wide range of industries and career paths. Whether you’re moving into your first big leadership role or simply want to improve your skills and pinpoint blind spots, we’re here to help.
 What to expect 
When you meet with your coach, you’ll chat about your current situation and the skills, goals and milestones you’d like to work towards. These might include:
  • Embracing hybrid and remote workplaces 
  • Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Developing a strong organizational culture 
  • Empowering women in leadership positions
  • Developing talent 
  • Keeping up with the digital era
  • Uncovering blind spots in your leadership habits
  • Strengthening effective communication skills
  • Building independent, collaborative teams 
  • And more

Start with a free consultation to see how executive coaching can help you tap into your strengths, tackle challenges with confidence, and become a greater asset to your team and organization.
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How do I know if this particular coaching program will be right for me?
Every step of our executive coaching is personalized to meet your needs, so you know you’ll be learning skills and strategies that are designed just for you. We always start with a leadership style assessment, which helps us develop a coaching program that plays to your strengths. You’ll receive individual guidance that takes your personality, career background, organization and current challenges into account, giving you the most effective leadership growth possible.
Absolutely. Our coaches have experience in a wide range of industries and know how to navigate whatever challenges you and your company may be facing. We’ll give you the tools to address problems and guide your team toward solutions as a confident, compassionate and effective leader This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Leadership transitions
  • IPOs and investment complications
  • Employee morale problems or conflicts
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Performance and productivity problems
  • Navigating global challenges like pandemics, social issues or economic instability
What industries do you serve?
Our executive leadership training programs support a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, education, government, nonprofit, technology and foundations.
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Can you support my goals while I transition to a new industry?
Yes, we have a specialized program for individuals looking to transition to new industries. This would fall under our leadership coaching services.
Do you support military leadership?
Yes, we work with individuals and teams from all different backgrounds. Several members of our world-class leadership coaching team are retired military officials and have strong military leadership backgrounds. Based on your consultation, we can pair you with coaches that fit your needs.
Get personalized strategies to play to your strengths and make a bigger impact in your organization
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